Link to www.mondoburrito.comMondo Burrito is located in Santa Clara California, near Santa Clara University.Link to website menu

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Mondo Burrito is owned and operated by Steve Dutra with some help from Mark & Kathleen Dutra. (and the rest of the family from time to time) They serve high quality & "fast" mexican food, made to order, while you watch. Here is how it works:

Food Service CounterYou walk through the door and review the menu on the wall.

Menu (for printing) & Catering Information

At the food counter, your server will make your meal as you select from the assortment of fresh and hot items.Dining Area with Bar

Fish and special items will be cooked just for you.

Mondo Dan at the GrillOnce you have your meal, you can choose to sit in the dining room, at the bar or outdoors on the large covered patio.

Mondo Burrito is a great place to getLarge Outdoor Eating Area with Covered Patio together with friends, have a party or to just grab some good food to go.

Catering, phone-in and FAXed orders are welcome.

More info. is at

** See you at Mondo!!