Karin's Art

First  36" x  36"Gate  36" x  36"Here are some samples of paintings done by

Karin Dutra



These paintings are done in acrylic.


Circles  40"  x  30"


Rose  24" x  24"Click on any image for a larger view.




Untitled  18" x  24" 

Sizes from 18" x 24" to 30" x 40"Labyrinth  30" x  40"




Contact me if you have interest in my paintings.

 Some of them are for sale.


Thanks for looking! - KD

Tahoe  30" x  40"Spirit  30" x 40"








Zilla Link The Other Shore  24" x  48"

PS : Click on "Godzilla" to see

some of Doug's art work.


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